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Rama Satish Shah completed making 2,12,000 Ganesha Idols on 12-9-2012, which are all hand made by her in last 12 years has been accepted as a World Record by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS. Rama has already received a certificate from the Limca Book of Records only a few days back. Date;20th August, 2013.

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RAMA SHAH COMPLETED 1,50,000 IDOLS IN 11 YEARS – World Records India

Most Ganesha Idols Handmade Rama Satish Shah (born on November 8, 1961) of Mumbai, Maharashtra has made 1,50,000 hand made Lord Ganesha idols in 11 years as on 30th August 2011. She even makes them blindfolded in front of different audiences, where she in invited to show her skill of making a Ganesha Blindfolded. All […]

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RAMA SHAH COMPLETED 1,50,000 IDOLS IN 11 YEARS – Limca Book Record, World Record

LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS-2012 WR: Handmade Ganeshas  Rama Satish Shah (b Nov 8, 1961) who started making Ganesha idols in 2000 has completed 1,50,000 idols over the past 11 years. She has taken 2,943 working days to accomplish this. She has become an expert in making Ganeshas blindfolded. She has also held many exhibitions. Rama’s […]

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Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 Days

Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 Days Rama Shah, 39, a staunch devotee of Lord Ganesha, made 9999 idols in 99 days during August 2000. She has designed Ganeshas in a pista shell, to Ganeshas on swings, from Ganeshas on marble to Ganeshas on envelopes. She has skillfully created Ganeshas in different colors Green, blue, yellow […]

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Handmade Ganesha Idols, 125000 Idols Hand Made in 10 years

India Book of Records : Hand Made Ganesha Idols Rama Shah ( born on November 8, 1961)  of Mumbai, Maharashtra  has a  collection  of 1,25,000 handmade Ganesha idols  as on August 30, 2010. She has been making Lord Ganesha idols for the last ten years in different shapes and size. She prepares Ganesha idols without mould and blocks. All these idols are […]

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