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Anuyogacharya Shri Labdhichandra Sagar M. S.

Param Pujya Anuyogacharya Shri Labdhichandra Sagar Maharaj Saheb along with other guruji and sadhviji maharaj visited Rama Shah’s home and saw Rama Shah making a Ganesha Idol Blindfolded. He wholeheartedly blessed Rama Shah. Date:05 Nov. 2015

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LAD YUVAK 260915-041

Rama at Shree Lad Yuvak Mandal

Rama Shah makes a Ganesha Idol blind folded at a program arranged by Shree Lad Yuvak Mandal at Lad Wadi, C. P. Tank, Mumbai on 26th September, 2015.

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Rama Shah Completes Making 333333 Ganeshas in 15 years

Rama Shah has completed making 3,33,333 Ganesha Idols in 15 years, on 30th June 2015. This is accepted as a world record by Limca book of Records.

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Shri Goregaon Mahila Mandal

Rama Shah makes a Ganesha Idol blind folded at Jawahar Hall, Goregaon, Mumbai. The program was organised by Shri Goregaon Mahila Mandal.

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Rama Shah made 3,00,001st Ganesha Idol at Jain Jagruti Centre, Amrutnagar

Rama Shah completed making 300000 Ganesha Idols on 12th August, 2014 in 14 years. All her idols are hand made. She made her 300001st Idol blind folded at Smt. Jhaverben Popatlal Sabhagruha, Ghatkopar. The program was organised by Jain Jagruti Centre, Amrutnagar, Mumbai. Event Date: Aug.,12, 2014.

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She has sculpted 2.5L idols, some blindfolded – The Times of India

TOIM_2013_9_13_6 http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/She-has-sculpted-2-5L-idols-some-blindfolded/articleshow/22534974.cms?prtpage=1 MUMBAI: As a child, Rama Shah used to roll out close to 60 chapatis within an hour . This, she didn’t know at the time , was a preordained rehearsal for her calling that would come years later . Then, one night in March 2000, the Sion resident saw a vision of her favourite God, Lord […]

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JANMABHOOMI, 25th Aug., 2013


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  AFTERNOON-2013822213744 Afternoon Despatch & Courier A RECORD OF SORTS… Ramaben Shah who had at least a dozen of national and international certificates in the field of art and craft created a Lord Ganesha idol with her eyes closed, in the city on Thursday. Ramaben has made over 2 lakh Ganesh idols in the last 13 […]

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Hindustan Times

Art, with her eyes closed

Hindustan_Times_(Mumbai)(2013-08-23)_page11 Rama Satish Shah makes a Lord Ganesh idol with her eyes closed at Press Club in Mumbai, on Thursday. On 12th August, 2012, Shah had completed 2,12,000 idols, over 12 years – a feet accepted as a record by the Limca Book of Records. -Kunal Patil/HT

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Indian Express

Indian Express. 23rd August, 2013

Indian-Express-Mumbai-23-August-2013 WITH LESS then three weeks left for Ganeshotsav, Rama satish Shah, who has been making Ganesha Idols blindfolded for the last 13 years, ubeviled her latest creations at a press meet Thursday. SHAH ENTERED the Limca Book of Records last year for the 12th time for completing 2,12,000 idols in 12 years. “In a minute, I […]

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