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Anuyogacharya Shri Labdhichandra Sagar M. S.

Param Pujya Anuyogacharya Shri Labdhichandra Sagar Maharaj Saheb along with other guruji and sadhviji maharaj visited Rama Shah’s home and saw Rama Shah making a Ganesha Idol Blindfolded. He wholeheartedly blessed Rama Shah. Date:05 Nov. 2015

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LAD YUVAK 260915-041

Rama at Shree Lad Yuvak Mandal

Rama Shah makes a Ganesha Idol blind folded at a program arranged by Shree Lad Yuvak Mandal at Lad Wadi, C. P. Tank, Mumbai on 26th September, 2015.

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Festival of Ganesha – Respect of Woman Power

Erandvane Ganeshotsav, Pune, 2015

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SHAPE SHIFTING Rama Shah makes Ganpati idols while chanting blindfolded

My Friend, Ganesha – Times of India

Times of India – September 4, 2011 :: He did not have to drink milk or tolerate the cacophony of mandal remixes to convince Rama Shah. A simple guest appearance in her dream 11 years ago was enough.

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Rama makes a Ganesh Idol Blind Folded in front of Shri Suryoday Sagar Suri

When Gachhadhipati Aacharya Shri Suryoday Sagar Surishwarji Maharaj, one of the senior most Jain Aacharya, aged 87 years, with 80 years of “Diksha Paryay” (he became a jain priest at the tender age of 7 years), came to know that Rama can make very beautiful Ganesha Idols, and that too, blind folded, he was very […]

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Sagarchandra Sagar Suri Maharaj visits Rama Shah’s Home

Eminent Jainacharya Shri Sagarchandra Sagar Surishwarji Maharaj and other guru maharaj and sadhviji maharaj visited Rama’s Home to see Rama Making a Ganesha Idol blind folded. He was extremely impressed when Rama completed making a beautiful idol in about 10 minutes. Later he explained the importance of Lord Ganesha in context of jain religion.

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