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She has sculpted 2.5L idols, some blindfolded – The Times of India

TOIM_2013_9_13_6 http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/She-has-sculpted-2-5L-idols-some-blindfolded/articleshow/22534974.cms?prtpage=1 MUMBAI: As a child, Rama Shah used to roll out close to 60 chapatis within an hour . This, she didn’t know at the time , was a preordained rehearsal for her calling that would come years later . Then, one night in March 2000, the Sion resident saw a vision of her favourite God, Lord […]

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Rama Shah with a Ganesha idol she made blindfolded

Blindfolded twist to idol-making – The Times of India

BellaJaisinghani TNN; The Times of India, MUMBAI, Sept.6, 2012 TOIM_2012_9_6_7 http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-09-06/mumbai/33649035_1_idols-ganpatis-claims http://lite.epaper.timesofindia.com/mobile.aspx?article=yes&pageid=7&edlabel=TOIM&mydateHid=06-09-2012&pubname=&edname=&articleid=Ar00705&format=&publabel=TOI Mumbai: Given that Ganeshotsav is not just a festival of,for and by big mandals and a grand spectacle of plaster of paris,individual craftsmen choose this season to display Ganpati curios that make a pretty picture throughout the year. In Sion,Ramaben Shah,wife of a saffron […]

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SHAPE SHIFTING Rama Shah makes Ganpati idols while chanting blindfolded

My Friend, Ganesha – Times of India

Times of India – September 4, 2011 :: He did not have to drink milk or tolerate the cacophony of mandal remixes to convince Rama Shah. A simple guest appearance in her dream 11 years ago was enough.

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Happy Birthday, Ganesha

Ganesha is a Universal god. There is not a single village or city in India without Ganesha’s statue sitting somewhere in a street corner or under a tree. Elephant deities are also commonplace in China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico. There is a Ganesha rock in Sedona, which indigenous Americans call ‘elephant’ rock.

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