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World Records Academy - Rama Shah - Testimonial

World Records Academy publishes Rama Shah’s Testimonial on homepage

World Records Academy shows Mrs. Rama Shah’s testimonial on their homepage after receiving World Record for Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 Days.

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Rama Shah makes 999 Idols in 24 Hours!

In 2009, Rama completed 90000 Ganesha Idols till 31-5-2009 and 99000 till 7-9-2009. On 8/9 Sept., 2009, in 24 hours, She made 999 idols nonstop in 24 hours to complete 99999 idols. This event was very unusually planned using the digit NINE 27 times as follows: 08-09-09 9:09:09 am She started making the idols 09-09-09 […]

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