Rama Shah makes 999 Idols in 24 Hours!

In 2009, Rama completed 90000 Ganesha Idols till 31-5-2009 and 99000 till 7-9-2009. On 8/9 Sept., 2009, in 24 hours, She made 999 idols nonstop in 24 hours to complete 99999 idols. This event was very unusually planned using the digit NINE 27 times as follows:

08-09-09 9:09:09 am She started making the idols
09-09-09 9:09:09 am She completed 999 idols in 24 hours,
of which 9 idols were made blind folded. She also completed 9999 idols in 99 days again for the second time, and 99999 idols in little over 9 years.


The SIES College of Arts Science and Commerce, Sion-west, Mumbai sponsored this event on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee and Rama achieved her goal in the College premises. Thousands of her previously made Ganesha Idols were also displayed separately.

Rama made the first idol blind folded. When Rama displayed the idol on its completion in a just a few minutes, there was a big applause from the audience present. Everyone present was speechless. Rama continued making the idols one after the other without break, each one being different from the other. A log was maintained about the progress by counting the idols made by me every half an hour. These idols were displayed separately on the tables reserved for the same.

Rama did not consume any food or drink or even water throughout these 24 hours. Rama took only two breaks, the first one at 6 PM (10 minutes). She was forced to take a second break at 1:05 AM for 20 minutes due to a complete electricity supply failure in the whole college building lasting for two hours. There was complete darkness. She could have continued making the Idols even in the dark also as she does make the Ganesha Idols blindfolded, but the preparation of row materials could not take place in the dark. The candles were arranged in 15 minutes, and she started making the idols immediately in the candle-light. It was indeed a very unusual sight of watching a person making Ganesha Idols in Candle Light. She worked in candle light for sometime. It was extremely uncomfortable to work without fans and candles emitting the heat and smoke. So the candles on her table were put off and she continued her work in total darkness. The visitors kept coming and going throughout these 24 hours. She lagged behind in the initial few hours, but at the end of 12 hours, she had made 511 idols beating her own record of making 500 Ganeshas in 20 hours in 2007 (a record accepted by Limca Book of Records, a podcast on internet http://abcnews.go.com/International/Video/playerIndex?id=3546659). Later on she accomplished the target comfortably, completing 999 idols in 24 hours including the 9 made blind folded, (She made 9 more, 1008 idols total, just to take care of counting error if any), in the process completing 9999 idols in 99 days and 99999 idols in a little over 9 years.

The visitors comprised of many respectable citizens of the society, the college and nearby schools faculty, college and school students, Police officers including the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Senior Inspector of Police and several other citizens, who were all so amazed by the glimpse of the newly made idols and also the thousands of my previously made idols in various colors, sizes, shapes and postures that they had no words to describe their feelings. It turned out to be a one of the most memorable event in the history of SIES College and also in Rama’s Life.

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