Aacharya Shri Naychandra Sagar Suri observes making of a Ganesha Idol blindfolded by Rama Shah

Rama Shah makes a Ganesha Idol in front of Aacharya Shri Naychandra Sagar Suri Mahraj Saheb and his shishya Shri Ajitchandra Sagar Mahraj Saheb, who had performed 500 Avdhan (remembering… Continue reading

Rama Completes Making 3,51,000 Ganeshas in 16 Years – LIMCA Book of Records

Rama Shah completed making 3,51,000 Ganeshas in 16 years on 30-06-2016. All these idols are hand made, different, unbreakable and washable. This is accepted as a world record by Limca book… Continue reading