Rama makes a Ganesh Idol Blind Folded in front of Shri Suryoday Sagar Suri

When Gachhadhipati Aacharya Shri Suryoday Sagar Surishwarji Maharaj, one of the senior most Jain Aacharya, aged 87 years, with 80 years of “Diksha Paryay” (he became a jain priest at the tender age of 7 years), came to know that Rama can make very beautiful Ganesha Idols, and that too, blind folded, he was very keen to see how Rama makes idols like this. When in Sion, he invited Rama to Shri Sion Jain Temple’s Upashray (a place where jain priests stay) to make a Ganesha Idol in front of him. It was a matter of great pleasure for Rama to do this. She made a beautiful idol before him. Pujya Aacharya was extremely happy and blessed Rama whole heartedly.Here are a few photographs of this wonderful event.

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