Rama Shah Felicitated at Swaminarayan Temple, Dadar, Mumbai

Ramaben Shah was felicitated at Swaminarayan Temple, Dadar on Friday, 14th Oct., 2011. Hon. Pramukhswami had a Darshan of a Ganesha Idol hand made by Rama Shah at Swaminarayan Temple, Dadar. He was informed about Ramas creation of 1,50,000 all different hand made Ganesha idols in 11 years. He showers his heartiest blessings on Rama Shah for her hard work.

On Sunday, 16th Oct., 2011, Rama Shah was felicitated during the Sunday Dharma-Sabha at Swaminarayan Temple’s Yogi Sabha Gruha in presence of about 7500 devotees.

Images, Friday, 14th Oct., 2011.


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